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Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023 Sierra Tan

Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023 Sierra Tan

Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023 Sierra Tan   Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023 Sierra Tan

Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023 Sierra Tan. The Orion comes with SKATETECH technology, which allows for direct energy transfer to the edges through the use of Hanger 3.0. Hanger 3.0 is wider for better boot fit and has an expanded bushing footprint that helps to improve energy transfer.

The Progressive Flex Highback of the Orion binding is designed to be stiffer at the bottom and gets softer toward the top, giving you a precise and playful binding feel. With 3D-molded Comfort Flex Ankle Straps, the pressure is evenly distributed to eliminate any strap bite. Additionally, the Orion has 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps that are low profile and slightly stretchy to conform to any boot shape.

This binding comes equipped with Hard Bushings (Freeride Mode) for maximum board response. Full length EVA foam footbed that maximizes binding comfort while minimizing foot fatigue.

The 3D molded footbed surface offers supreme traction for any boot tread pattern and prevents snow build-up. The Post attaches the hanger to the kingpin and is the connection between binding and board.

Made from nylon and recycled carbon, the post is super light and durable. Free your feet and and feel true surf vibes by riding without a highback on the super deep powder days. Bushings are the primary binding contact point and offer customizable response and dampening.

Surf mode: soft bushing - white. Freeride mode: hard bushing - black. All Jones bindings include a mounting disc compatible with traditional 4x4 inserts, 2x4, and the EST/Channel mounting system.

New binding hanger design featuring a wider bushing footprint that's closer to the edges for enhanced board connection and faster energy transfer. The Hanger 3.0 is also lighter weight and has a lower inner lateral wall for better ankle mobility and high volume boot fit. Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass. Bombproof buckles made from aircraft-grade alloy featuring ultra-strong levers and springs. Triple action ratchet design increases speed of entry and release. Change strap length on the fly with just a flick and twist of your wrist. New Hinge Connectors keep your ankle strap out of the way when you step in to strap in, and the new Curved Ladders make it easy to line up the buckle and quickly ratchet down. 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps. 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps dynamically stretch to fit any shape boot. The new minimalist design is even lower profile and every bit as comfortable, durable and responsive as the original design. Comfort Flex Ankle Straps are 3D molded to evenly distribute pressure and eliminate strap bite plus asymmetric for customizable response. Flip-It Strap compatible (Freeride mode + Surf mode). Thank you for considering Tomahawk Sports. Our store offers skiing, snowboard and winter sports products from brands you know and love. We strive to offer the best customer service possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us a message. Messages sent outside these hours will be responded to as soon as possible. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Winter Sports\Skiing, Snowboarding & Snowshoeing\Bindings".

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Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023 Sierra Tan   Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023 Sierra Tan