Cross Country Ski

1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674

1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674
1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674
1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674
1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674
1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674

1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674    1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674

Item: i86674 Authentic Coin of. Norway under Olav V - King: 21 September 1957 - 17 January 1991 1994 Winter Olympics at Lillehammer - Cross Country Skiing 1991 Silver 100 Kroner 39mm (33.80 grams) 0.925 Silver 0.9998 oz.

PF 68 ULTRA CAMEO 2839336-015 OLAV V · NORGES KONGE 1991 K ØH, King Olav V facing left. 100 KRONER · LILLEHAMMER 1994 HW, Cross country skier, olympic symbol on top. Edge Lettering: DE XVII OLYMPISKE VINTERLEKER LILLEHAMMER 1994. The 1994 Winter Olympics (Norwegian: Olympiske vinterleker 1994), officially known as the XVII Olympic Winter Games (French: Les XVIIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver), was a winter multi-sport event celebrated from 12 to 27 February 1994 in and around Lillehammer, Norway.

Lillehammer was awarded the 1994 Winter Olympics in 1988, after beating Anchorage, United States; Östersund, Sweden; and Sofia, Bulgaria. Lillehammer is the northernmost city to ever host the Winter Games and the Olympic Games overall. The Games were the first to be held in a different year from the Summer Olympics, the first and only one to be held two years after the previous winter games.

The Games were the second Winter Olympics hosted in Norway, after the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, and the fourth Olympics in the Nordic countries, after the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, and the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. Although many events took place in Lillehammer, skating took place in Hamar, some ice hockey matches were placed in Gjøvik, while Alpine skiing was held in Øyer and Ringebu. Sixty-seven countries and 1,737 athletes participated in six sports and sixty-one events. Fourteen countries made their debut in the Winter Olympics, of which nine were former Soviet republics. The Games also saw the introduction of stricter qualifying rules, reducing the number of under-performing participants from warm-weather countries.

New events were two new distances in short track speed skating and aerials, while speed skating was moved indoors. Nearly two million people spectated the games, which were the first to have the Olympic truce in effect.

The games were succeeded by the 1994 Winter Paralympics from 10 to 19 March. Manuela Di Centa and Lyubov Yegorova dominated women's cross-country skiing, taking five and four medals, respectively. A crowd of over 100,000 saw Italy beat Norway by 0.4 seconds on the men's 4 x 10 km relay. Vreni Schneider won a complete set of medals in Alpine skiing, while Norway took a medal sweep in the men's combined. Nancy Kerrigan had, before the games, been clubbed by Tonya Harding's associate, but managed to take silver in ladies' singles.

Johann Olav Koss won three speed skating events, while 13-year-old Kim Yoon-Mi became the youngest-ever Olympic gold medalist. Sweden beat Canada in a dramatic penalty shootout in the ice hockey final. With 11 gold medals, Russia won the most events, while with 26, Norway collected the most medals overall. Olav V (born Prince Alexander of Denmark ; 2 July 1903 - 17 January 1991) was King of Norway f from 1957 until his death. Olav was the only child of Haakon VII and Maud of Wales.

He became heir apparent to the Norwegian throne when his father was elected King of Norway in 1905. He was the first heir to the Norwegian throne to be brought up in Norway since Olav IV,, and his parents made sure he was given as Norwegian an upbringing as possible. In preparation for his future role, he attended both civilian and military schools. In 1929, he married his first cousin Princess Märtha of Sweden. During World War II his leadership was much appreciated and he was appointed Norwegian Chief of Defence in 1944.

At his death in 1991, he was the last surviving grandchild of Edward VII of the United Kingdom and Alexandra of Denmark. Due to his considerate, down-to-earth style, King Olav was immensely popular, resulting in the nickname Folkekongen ("The People's King"). In a 2005 poll by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporational, Olav was voted "Norwegian of the Century". Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northwestern Europe whose core territory comprises the western and northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula; the remote island of Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard are also part of the Kingdom of Norway. The Antarctic Peter I Island and the sub-Antarctic Bouvet Island are dependent territories and thus not considered part of the kingdom.

Norway also lays claim to a section of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land. Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres (148,747 sq mi) and a population of 5,312,300 (as of August 2018). [12] The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden (1,619 km or 1,006 mi long). Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia to the north-east, and the Skagerrak strait to the south, with Denmark on the other side.

Norway has an extensive coastline, facing the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea. King Harald V of the Dano-German House of Glücksburg is the current King of Norway. Erna Solberg became prime minister in 2013 and was reelected in September 2017. A unitary sovereign state with a constitutional monarchy, Norway divides state power between the Parliament, the cabinet and the Supreme Court, as determined by the 1814 Constitution. The kingdom was established as a merger of a large number of petty kingdoms. By the traditional count from 872, the kingdom has existed continuously for 1,145 years, and the list of Norwegian monarchs includes over sixty kings and earls. From 1537 to 1814, Norway was a part of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, and from 1814 to 1905, it was in a personal union with the Kingdom of Sweden.

Norway was neutral during the first World War. Norway remained neutral until April 1940 when the country was invaded and occupied by Germany until the end of World War II.

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  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Norway
  • Certification Number: 2839336-015
  • Certification: NGC
  • Country of Manufacture: Sweden
  • Grade: PF 68 ULTRA CAMEO
  • Year: 1991
  • Composition: Silver
  • Denomination: 100 Kronor

1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674    1991 NORWAY Olympics LILLEHAMMER Cross Country Ski Silver 100 Kr Coin NGC i86674